Vacation in Barcelona Spain

Vacation in Barcelona Spain

Spain is the world’s second most visited country giving first place to France. The country attracts tourists and even locals because of it rich natural resources as well as beautiful cities full of historical value. The weather is also a major attraction especially for people living in colder areas of Southern Europe.

This country has several cities that are worth visiting for a wonderful learning and fun experience. Barcelona is one of Spain’s cities that attract lots of people from all over the world. The city has monuments, museums and even parks that have people going endlessly. It is definitely a city worth stopping by if you are planning to have your vacation in Spain.

Barcelona’s old town

Also known as Ciutat Vella, the old town is located at the city’s center and contains neighborhoods linked by winding narrow streets. The cosmopolitan and historic feel of the town attracts foreigners, artists and students who are actually the main occupants of the town. The town has great concert halls, bars and restaurants that will give you a taste of Barcelona.

Cuitat Vella has art galleries, museums as well as the red-light area also known as Barri Xines which is very notorious because of the businesses conducted here. You will find the Placa del Pi cathedral here as well as wondrous cafes from where you can enjoy your hot chocolate. Santa Maria del Mar Church and Museu Picasso are also located in this town.

Green Areas

Barcelona has magical green areas that are quite impressive. There is an Olympic stadium on the city’s Southwest Montjuic Hill. Cable cars are offered by a harbor near the hill and are used in getting to the hill. There are also other different facilities that were used in the Olympic Games held here in 1992.

Tibidabo Hill is another green area in Barcelona and is located in the city’s Northwest area. From here, you will be able to have a magnificent view of Barcelona, The communication Tower as well as amusement park which is on the hill’s summit.

You will enjoy sports like horseback riding, tennis, and jogging from these two hills. You can choose to take a cable car, which is very exciting, or get there by using your own vehicle.

Barcelona has a lot to offer those visiting it and can be a wonderful experience for them. Take time to explore when you get here as there are other great sites in the city that will take your breath away.

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Calpe Spain Vacation

Calpe Spain Vacation

Calpe is one of the most popular destinations in the region of Costa Blanca. This former sleepy fishing village has seen dramatic transformation over the past few decades as the whole region became a favorite vacation spot of individuals and families from all parts of the world. The serene and quiet atmosphere of the town in bygone days has been exchanged for the pulsating and thriving energy of tourism.

One of the biggest draws that Calpe has for tourists is the delicious Spanish cuisine offered in many of its restaurants. Perhaps, it’s the fresh sea food ingredients that make its dishes stand out. If you want to check out this gastronomic heaven, you don’t have to spend much or wait for long. All you have to do is walk around the quay or the bay area, check a few restaurants here and there, choose the fresh sea food platter you fancy and tell the waiter how you want it cooked. The whole process is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated but the end result is simply deliciously gratifying.

Of course, it doesn’t take much prodding for visitors to take a glimpse of the remarkable 332 meter-high rock formation of  Penon de Ifach. This imposing rock formation is a tourist favorite in the area. It is not unusual to find so many people gazing at Penon and several others trying their might at scaling its summit.  It is interesting that despite the rock’s small size, it has been declared as a nature preserve – one of the smallest not only in Spain but also in the world –for the diversity of flora and fauna that found a home in this spectacular natural monument in Calpe.

Accommodation should not be a problem. A cornucopia of resort hotels are located in the area fully equipped with high-end amenities and luxury services. However, if you do not have the cash or the will to spend so much on accommodation, you can stay in one of the many affordable hostels in the area or you can rent a property (especially when staying in Calpe for a few months at a time) for affordability.

The Old Town is also a must-visit attraction. There is no shortage of sights to see and things to do in this part of the city. Its confines play host to daily local crafts fair during summer and some of its nooks and crannies – especially nearby the Moorish Quarter – are the locations of notable ancient ruins. A survey of the area will take you to the narrow streets of Arabal, along whitewashed houses and past several monuments and museums.

One of the most impressive museums around Calpe is the Museum of Archaeology that is home to countless excavated artifacts dating back to 3rd century.

Calpe is also endowed with stunning natural beauty that makes its beaches the busiest and the most sought-after in the region. These beaches host extensive leisure activities such as wind surfing, yachting and kayaking among plenty others that bring much joy to Calpe holidaymakers. Whether you are on your own, with your loved one or the entire family, you can find your own special spot in its powdery shores to soak in the sun and work on your tan.


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