An Exclusivist Vacation

An Exclusivist Vacation
Visit Spain

If you wish to have both a relaxing and an exclusivist holiday, then you should definitely visit Spain. This Iberian country is visited by millions of people annually and it is crowded most times of the year. With all it beauty and amazing landscapes, Spain will amaze you more and more every time you visit.

The beauties of Mallorca

Mallorca and Menorca are two of the most famous islands of Spain. The former one, Mallorca, has numerous attractions. To all the clear and beautiful beaches, add some amazing landscapes and crowded bars and youll definitely spend your next vacation on this Spanish island. It is the place which never sleeps, so you will have many memories from your visit here. There are many things to visit while in Mallorca, but one of the most popular ones is definitely the Western Water Park. Having attractions for both adults and children, it is a great place to spend funny moments with your loved ones. It is one of the largest parks of this type in Europe so it is worth visiting. Placed in Calvia, the park is open from May to October, so enjoy! If you are a lover of marine fauna, then visit the aquarium in Malaga. It houses hundreds of species of fish and you can learn more about this world of the deep. Feed some animals in the Safari Park of Malaga. It is open all year long and has safari cars for its visitors that can lead you through the jungle! Stay close to the animals, feed them and dont forget to take plenty of pictures. If you cant afford a safari car, then you should know that there is also a train that travels around this park, which is less expensive.

The historical part of Mallorca

There are numerous historical buildings to visit in Mallorca. Beginning with the museums where you can admire beautiful relics and the valuable artefacts and continuing with old cathedrals and palaces, Mallorcas buildings and houses will leave you breathless. If you are not still convinced that Mallorca is the perfect holiday destination, then you should know that this fabulous island is also famous for the caves that can be found here; they are very large and they all include lots of attractions. However, the most popular one is The Cave Of Drach; it is open most of the year, so enjoy it!

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