Vacation To Egypt

Vacation To Egypt

Your vacation to Egypt is incomplete without a cruise down the Nile, which is the world’s largest river. Every tour package to this country will surely have this as a part of the agenda.

You have not truly enjoyed Egypt if you haven’t gone for the Nile river cruises. Though Egypt is a wonderful place to be, the best way to really enjoy your stay there and really make it memorable is to go on a cruise. You are sure to find one that is best suited for your budget with the many offers that are given.

Why should I go on Nile river cruises? This is one of the many questions that people ask themselves when they think of these cruises. Well, there are several advantages to taking Nile river cruises.

This is very evident in that, most homes in Uganda today have electricity in them due to the numerous hydro power stations built along the river, and in spite of being a very dry land, Egypt on the other hand has managed to sustain its entire population through numerous irrigation schemes provided by the great river.

As a tourist looking forward to some of the adventurous Nile river cruises, you will also be surprised by the numerous activities which include kayaking, fishing sports and even water rafting that are included in the cruises. What’s more, if you consider yourself to be a master of heights, expect some thrilling bungee jumping on the list too. In addition, the historical site and attractions in Egypt will keep you glued to your seat as well as the vast animal life, especially Nile crocodiles, which will make your holiday cruise even more astounding.

The Nile cruise is leisurely and romantic where time stops still as you traverse along the rich history of the land. There are many ancient monuments that can be seen along the river banks; you could also experience rare sights like banana plantations along the banks of Nile. Most cruises offer a package of sorts so that you can also visit other archaeological sites like the tomb of Nefertiti in the Luxor town and the Karnak temple. You could also take a break by stopping at small towns that line the Nile like Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan and Esna. It is best to avail the services of local guides while visiting these regions for a deeper insight into the culture of tradition of these locations.

A luxury cruise along the Nile is quite economical with prices being as low as $ 70 per person per night in a three star ship and a meager $ 130 per person per night in a deluxe liner. Cruises are available for varied lengths of time ranging from 3, 4 or 7 nights and can be taken depending on the time at hand. The luxury cruise liners are air-conditioned keeping the mind the American tourist who finds it impossible to handle the desert heat of one hundred degrees; in addition, there are also other facilities on board like Jacuzzi, bar, swimming pool, gift shops and other recreation options. Cruise liners along the river also tend to be smaller than ocean liners with a seating of about 100 to 500 passengers giving you more privacy and a more intimate experience.

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